Monday, March 14, 2016

The Stuff of Nightmares

We discovered this app called Face Swap.  It's hilarious.  It will swap your face onto someone else's head, usually with um... interesting results.  Ryan and I tried it together first.
 Yep, these faces would make anyone cry.
 Gosh, I need to do something about those eyebrows on my face.
 Another evening I tried it out with the girls.  This is Maddie and me.
 Honestly, I think I swap faces with Elizabeth best.  It kinda works.  It's like we are related, or something.
 Maddie and me again.
 Although, the Elizabeth (white tank top) and Annie (black shirt) work pretty well too.  I wouldn't guess the picture below had been swapped, except I knew what each child was wearing.  It's like they are related too.
 And then, here's Emma and me.  Her face works on my head, but the other... not so much.  I make Emma look like she has a very round face.

Ryan has taken the app on his phone to work, and swapped faces with many people.  Since most of the staff at elementary schools are female, well... His pictures look as good as the ones with me.  Ryan says he wants to work the pictures into a slide show for a teacher development day.  Perhaps as comic relief?

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