Tuesday, March 22, 2016


During the winter months I go a little crazy.  It's too cold to be outside, so there are no morning walks with friends.  Aside from errands and volunteering two days a week, I sit inside left to my own devices.  Cleaning isn't my favorite activity, so the ideas of doing those jobs like cleaning out the window tracks and dusting the baseboards and organizing the storage room are fleeting nuisances, quickly passed over for reading books or staring at Pinterest.  

The wall in the kitchen above our kitchen table has been bare since we painted the kitchen.  I've wanted to put pictures or art of some kind there, but I haven't been able to settle on anything.  At least, I haven't been able to settle on something that fits in my little-to-nothing redecorating budget.  I've been admiring watercolor pictures for a while, and finally I decided I was just going to have to make something myself.  Armed with a $5 watercolor kit from Michaels, some cheap watercolor paper, and some frames from Burlington Coat factory, I've been practicing and watching YouTube videos until I was able to make these:
They aren't so bad, and I had fun making them.  I feel like a real artist, having my framed art up on the wall.  I also sneaked one of my other practice flower pictures into the gallery wall in the family room.

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