Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Mobile Orchard

Last spring, when I was at Costco I spied some apricot trees and bought two.  Ryan and I had talked about getting some apricot trees because, I guess, they don't need to be regularly sprayed to have edible, bug-free fruit.  Not knowing much about picking out fruit trees, I bought two different kinds (aren't you supposed to have different kinds for good pollination...?  I think?).  Well, they grew nicely last year, and they are showing signs of flowers already this year.  We have great expectations for fruit this summer.

This has Ryan all excited about fruit trees.  I was told that if I saw more fruit trees at Costco again this year, that I needed to pick up more.  Preferably one more apricot and two pear trees.  Bartlett and Bosch, if possible.

I combed through all of the trees at Costco.  I think I literally picked out the very last Bosch and Bartlett trees from the display.  There were lots of apple, peach, and cherry trees. There were several of the combination trees of the pears, but Ryan isn't a fan of having several varieties on the same tree.  I feel like I don't know much about stuff like that, so I bow to Ryan's superior Ag Teacher knowledge.  Also, those combo trees cost more.  I even found one apricot tree.  Then I wandered around the store doing the rest of my shopping trying not to poke anyone.
 Then I loaded them in my minivan.  The apricot tree was so tall that I had to set the base of it a row in front of the other two, and the top still reached the trunk door.

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