Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mutual Night

Last night was the combined Young Men and Young Women activity. It was called the Fiery Darts of the Adversary.  Basically, the leaders all got to shoot nerf darts at all of the youth, yours truly included.  During the first round, the unprotected youth had to run up and touch the target without getting shot.  Then they had a couple of tables to hide behind on their way up.  For the 3rd and final round, they got to put on "The Whole Armor of God" aka cardboard everyone brought from home.

Emma is in the middle in the back, with an Amazon box on her head.

There was something oddly satisfying about shooting them with nerf guns.  (They didn't have weapons to shoot back.)  We, the Young Women leaders, thought this was a good activity and should be repeated at some point.  Most of the leaders belong to some of the youth there, and there was a certain wicked gleam in our eyes when handed the giant nerf guns and were told to not let the youth get across the gym.  Heh heh heh.

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