Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Day Away

We left bright and early this morning, leaving the kids in their pjs and arriving at my in-laws before just before 8:30 am.  Ryan and I were off to the Seattle temple for my sister's family sealing.  Since it wasn't something we could take the kids to, we arranged to let them spend the day and night with their grandparents, and some cousins.  Ryan and I got the kids settled in, ate some breakfast (because nothing says "Thanks for watching our kids" like, "Hey, we forgot to eat before we left- can we crash your breakfast?"), and we were off amid sad "I'm going to miss you" faces from a couple of the girls.

Life has been going at such a break-neck speed that it was nice to spend time with just Ryan.  Even if half of the day was spent traveling.

We stopped at Snoqualmie Falls on our way over.  There is a pretty heavy flow right now with the warmer temperatures and rain.
We arrived early, had a quick lunch a Dairy Queen, and went to the stake center by the temple to change our clothing.  I was surprised to see the church distribution center is no longer there, but instead there is a family discovery something or other.  In any case, one of the side doors was unlocked and we changed in the bathrooms.  We were going to walk around the temple, but met up with Janelle and Jeff and their kids who pulled up moments after we parked.  So we helped walk their stuff and children into the temple and settled in to wait.

And wait.

The wait was a bit longer than we anticipated.  

In due course, we were led up to a sealing room where Janelle and Jeff were sealed, and then their children were sealed to them.  It was beautiful.  To be a forever family is something we pray and work and hope for every day.  

Look at how cute they all look.  They wanted to get some family pictures taken at the temple.  These two were my contribution.
 They are awaiting the arrival of baby number 4 in about five weeks.
 The weather cooperated for them.  Literally two minutes after pictures ended and they went inside to change out of their white clothes, the heavens opened and it rained.  But the rain let up again when it was time to leave.

Originally the plan had been to meet at a Chinese buffet for an early dinner, but the people who went to go reserve a place for our large group said it was closed until 5 pm.  That was an hour away.  So the guys all got out their phones and proceeded to figure out a Plan B.
Siri found us a place called Hidden Teriyaki.  It was pretty well hidden, nearly under the I-90 and 405 interchange.  It looked like an unpromising little hole in the wall.  It was empty except for all 15 of us and the teriyaki was good, so it all worked out.

Then it was time to drive home.  Ryan thought he would not get gas and see if we could make it home.  So yes, we can go from home to his parent's place, to Bellevue, and back home on one tank of gas.  Yay van.

We did get gas upon returning.  We have to go pick up the kids from their grandparents in the morning.

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