Saturday, April 2, 2016

Being a Homeowner is Awesome

We have a leaky roof.  It doesn't rain here all that much, hence the desert look, for which I am thankful every time we get new drips falling from the ceiling.  During one rain storm this winter, the rain was coming through a couple of places, one being the chandelier light fixture in the unused dining area of our front room.  So, Ryan cut a hole in the ceiling and a heck of a lot of water poured out.  We've kept a bowl under that hole for two months, waiting for the weather and Ryan's schedule to align.

Last night, after our hike on Badger mountain, Ryan and I un-roofed that section of the house.

 When the above picture was sent to Ryan's mom, she said how glad she was Ryan found someone to help him. Um, that's my sunburned arm.  It's April 1st, and I already got my first sunburn.  Having fair skin is awesome.  Anyhow, I don't know whether to be amused or offended that my arm looks manly.
 There's the rotten hole in the roof.  We had to be careful not to step there, or we would have literally gone through the roof.  And that would have been an even bigger mess to deal with.
 Oh, and I found a bunch of these kinds of pictures on my phone.  More than I care to upload.
 The aftermath.  That's going to be fun to pick up.

Saturday morning found Ryan fixing the hole, and then we started in on the re-roofing.
 We put the laptop on the twins' bed upstairs so the kids could try to listen to conference and watch us out the window.  I originally thought that perhaps Ryan and I would be able to listen to conference too, but I didn't really want the computer in a spot where it could tumble out the window.  Without any of my conference games ready to go, the kids went to the fall back "let's play with hair" activity.
 And done!
Let's hope we did a good job.  No one wanted to fix dinner after this was done, so Papa Murphy made us dinner.

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