Friday, April 1, 2016

Badger Mountain

Our school district does things a little different.  We never have half days of school, and they always tag parent teacher conferences on the week before spring break.  So the kids have the Thursday and Friday before spring break off for parent teacher conferences, turning our week off into a week and a half off.  Ryan still had to work Thursday, but then Friday- we were freeeeeeeee!

This year is a little bit different for us.  Ryan no longer is an Ag teacher with a greenhouse full of seedlings, and animal projects to oversee.  Inside I'm like "We are freeeeeeeeeee!" but I have to not celebrate too loudly because I know that Ryan does miss it.  There's no livestock show and plant sale to take over our lives (not that he doesn't have other stuff that totally takes up his time).  But there are certain times of the year that I am not missing his old job at all.  And I know that he was an Ag teacher and FFA adviser because he loves it, and he's missing those things.  So, we are going to hopefully fill up our Spring Break so he won't miss having to babysit his greenhouse full of seedlings every day.

Today's mission: hike Badger Mountain.  The last time we tried earlier this year, it was cold and windy and miserable.  The wind and climb sent Elizabeth into one of her coughing asthma attacks, so we didn't get to finish it and Ryan had to carry Elizabeth down the hill.  But today we were better prepared.  We had the inhaler, and the weather was on our side.  We made it.  We probably did about 6 miles of hiking trails.  Good thing we brought a picnic lunch.

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