Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to School We Go

Yep, we were a little excited about school this morning. At 6:39 am, Emma and Elizabeth bounded out of their room. 5 minutes later, Emma was dressed, had her shoes on and was carrying her backpack around. Um, honey, there is an hour and a half until your bus arrives....
Emma by the front door.
Emma was a little chatterbox this morning. She was trying to show off her new backpack, sandals, etc. to the other kids at our bus stop. They were mostly polite, looking at her when she spoke.
But then the bus came. I was very brave until the bus drove away. I'll blame the tears on the hormones. This is my baby girl and I am entrusting her to the school system. That's hard. No one else can possibly appreciate and take care of her like I can.


The A Team Mom said...

Braden is in 2nd grade and I still have a hard time! Although I don't think I have done any crying... this year. BUT I have before! It's normal! You just can't be with them the entire time and Braden never wants to tell much about his day either. So I never do know that much about what is going on at school!

Natalie said...

I know the feeling! I was glad to hear that Ethan saw Emma at school. It's nice to know he has a friendly face in a new place. I love the picture of Elizabeth looking at Emma on the doorstep. That picture says so much. Play date? ABSOLUTELY!!

Becky said...

I thought I was TOTALLY ready for Cynthia to be in school- since she already went half days last year at EPIC. And, I have been through this before! But, when the day came- it was harder than I thought! She walked into her classroom without a backward glance - so ready. I felt a little twinge- mainly for the fact that she is growing up! I do have to say the rest of the day was heaven . . . What has been harder on my emotions is seeing how tired she is when she comes home. Especially the days she rides the bus - - she just looks so little and she gets off and colapses at home! Sometimes full day kindergarten seems a little much - - but I know she will get used to it. It still is better than Spokane, where they only go 2 1/2 hours a day- and you have to pay if you want full day.
It is fun to see Emma all excited for school- she will do great!