Saturday, September 27, 2008

Making Apple Cider

This morning we went to the Baugh's to make apple cider. It started at 8:30, but we arrived about 10 minutes late. (We weren't the last to arrive though. Whew.) There were an entire truck bed of apples to press into cider. We only brought 3 gallon jugs, so we were sent home with 2 more. Most of the ward members who showed up brought more containers than we did. It's a good thing, as I think there was much more cider than we knew what to do with. We are going to freeze the cider we brought home, rather than can it.
Here are some pictures we took. Everyone had the "I didn't shower this morning, just threw on some clothes and came" look. So pardon us our lack of glamour. Our assembly line started here. The kids filled buckets with apples for the next station. Well, filled buckets and ate apples.
The cleaning station. First washed, then rinsed.

This is the table where we cut the whole apples. We started out just chopping them in half, but later someone had the idea that they might go faster through the chopper if they were cut in quarters. And they did. So, the first round of cutters cut the apples in half, and the next set cut those halves into quarters and put them in buckets.
Ryan and Sis. Scott were putting the cut apples in the chopper. Watch out for your fingers!

Once the apples were chopped, they were moved over to be pressed. Then the juice was put through a strainer to get out the rest of the pulp. The fresh cider was very tasty. We are looking forward to making it into spiced cider when the weather gets cooler. Love that smell!

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Tiffanie and Jeff Bodine said...

That was a lot of fun! I didn't take cider this time around, but tomorrow I'll be getting ready to make applesauce from the apples I took home. Yummmm!