Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Oh boy, are we excited for kindergarten tomorrow! I think this is the first time ever Emma has set out her clothes for the 'morrow. Her backpack is packed with her school supplies, and her shoes are by the door. Ryan gave both the girls (Elizabeth hates to be left out) their beginning of the school year Father's Blessings tonight. How thankful I am for the Priesthood in our home! I think the blessing helped alleviate some of Emma's nervousness. She's been complaining of an upset stomach today and has been a little tearful. Emma told me today that she's worried about not being able to see Mommy all day. I reminded her that it isn't for so long and Mommy will be here when she returns to hear all about it. We'll still have lots of time together.
This picture really has nothing to do with Emma starting school in the morning. However, I thought it was worth mentioning. This is Elizabeth wearing- count them- 6 pairs of underwear. And one of them is Emma's. This is the little mischievous girl I will be left alone with while Emma is at school. All day. I count on the girls entertaining each other, and really count on Emma being a good big sister and taking care of Elizabeth. There are little errands I send Emma on, that I am going to have to do myself. Such as finding a certain toy or sippy cup for her sister, or making sure Elizabeth isn't stuffing all the toilet paper into the toilet. What am I going to do without her?

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Cailean said...

Congrats on the big milestone for her! She sounds a lot like our oldest who just started 1st grade. She also was nervous with an upset stomach. The father's blessing Nathan gave her helped her feel better I think.