Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Silence Is Not Golden

I usually read while I am eating lunch. Today I kept reading, even when my lunch and Elizabeth's lunch was gone. After a little while, I realized it was very quiet. I wasn't sure where Elizabeth was. Uh oh. Guess where I found her? In the bathroom, washing her hands and face. The only problem with that was she used almost a half a bottle of liquid soap. She was washing up past her elbows and there was water on the counter and on the floor. Not to mention bubbles galore in the sink. And her shirt was all wet, causing her to cry that it needed to be changed. Oh well, what's one more change of clothing?
Sometimes I wouldn't mind a little silence, however. Today, for example, I took Elizabeth to my OB checkup. There are just certain things that don't need loud, running 3-year-old commentary. Like when I am in the restroom: "Yea! Good job Mommy!" or in the exam room: "You have a naked bum!" (sorry if that's too much info.)

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Becky said...

I love it- 3 year olds . . .

So- what book are you currently reading?