Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Story About Elizabeth

Sunday was Stake Conference. It was the regional/broadcast one of the year, so we can attend our ward building and view it, rather than go to the Stake Center. This makes for a shorter drive, fewer people in a building for us, and the prophet attends, so it's really a win-win situation when you have kids. :o) We arrived early enough to get one of the "cushy" seats (i.e.- not the metal fold up chairs, but by no means comfy) in the middle-left part of the chapel.
While Elder Nelson was speaking, he invited 10 of his grandchildren up to the stand to sing the primary song, "Follow the Prophet." Then he asked all of the primary-aged kids to stand up and participate in singing the song. The lyrics would be broadcast on the screen, so if any of the kids were too short to see, they could stand on the benches. As we had impressed upon our children's minds the importance of listening to the prophet and apostles, Elizabeth bounced up at this request. It is important, as you all know, that all the pre-literate preschoolers stand on the benches so they could see the words.
As Elder Nelson informs the older members of the audience that they can sing along if they desire, Elizabeth, now standing on our bench, begins to belt out on the top of her lungs the chorus to Follow the Prophet:

Follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet, don't go astray.
Follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet, he knows the way.

Elizabeth then realizes that she is the only person singing by this time, and Elder Nelson is still talking. And everyone is chuckling and looking in our direction. Oblivious to what is happening in one small corner of Washington state, Elder Nelson cues the music and our impromptu choir begins singing together. Elizabeth is unsure of the words of the verses, but when the chorus comes around all three times, she sings it with all her might!

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Ellerbeck Family News said...

How fun that we were all watching the same conference at the same time. Ron and I kind of went agggg when the guy suggested standing on the benches but so how cute---
Your children are darling-
love Aunt Jeanne