Thursday, September 17, 2009


This comprises 2 1/2 hours of work last night after the kids went to bed. It was only one box of peaches and we have two. Our only thought was to get as many done as possible last night. The last batch was still going through the water bath after 10 pm. And we turn into pumpkins at 10 pm, so you can imagine how efficient we are by the end. We ran out of Fruit Fresh and lids (using what we had left over from last year), so it worked out ok. We will have to make a trip to the store this afternoon so we can go at it again tonight. There's no way we are wasting two boxes of free peaches!
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Heidi E said...

Good Job! That is a lot of work! But they look yummy!!!

Natalie said...

Moving to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches! I couldn't can peaches because that song would be in my head the WHOLE time. I am glad you guys get poofed at 10pm, I am usually ready for bed at 8 once the kids are officially down!!

Becky said...

good job on canning! It is an all day project for me . . . I have to ask- what is fruit fresh? I have done a lot of canning this year and am not using it- should I be? Anyway- I LOVE the fruit in this area!!! My parents up in Spokane are so jealous of all our free or really cheap fruit.

Oh- love the pics of the kids at the park!