Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(Don't Be) Part of Your World

Elizabeth watched the Little Mermaid this afternoon. I was sitting on the couch, alternating holding Elizabeth, Annie and Maddie. In a good moment, we can get two kids on my lap and a third by the rest of us. But it only lasts a moment. Someone always gets jealous.

So, while I am juggling kids (literally), I started animatedly reciting the words along with the movie for the twins' benefit: "Les Poissons, les poissons, how I love les poissons..." Elizabeth turned and looked at me with an angry face. "Don't sing with MY movie."

So, I waited a couple of minutes and tried again, reciting some lines of Sebastian: "You gotta pucker up your liPPPs like this..." (Come on, with the lips sticking out...? It makes the twins smile.)

Elizabeth looked at me again. I have a feeling she's perfecting this look for her teenage years. The You-Are-Embarrassing-Me look. Then she tells me, "You can sing with Ariel."

Note- at this point in the movie, Ariel has NO VOICE. I got dissed by a 5 year old.


Natalie said...

Kathryn only lets me sing the Urcela part. At least you got to be Ariel even if it is mute!

Bridget said...

Ha ha. I bet you were never so sassy to your mom!

Heidi E said...

That is too funny.

Annie said...

OMG, so funny!!!!!

Danae said...

Bridget- I was NEVER sassy to my parents. (But they aren't here to ask them for the truth... And it's my blog.) :o)

The A Team Mom said...

My kids are the same way- don't they know- we know ALL the words to the Little Mermaid! Now that could really annoy them! ;) I have Ryan watching Toy Story II this morning- I know most of this movie too! No singing though for the most part.