Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's 5!

Recently Elizabeth had her birthday. She's known it was after Emma's birthday, but it was sure hard to wait until it actually arrived. The day before her birthday Elizabeth told me, "Mom, it sure was a lot of days to my birthday." But came it did, and she was (as always) bursting with excitement.
Elizabeth got to open her presents when Emma and her dad arrived home. She loves opening her gifts. Her technique is a lot like Emma's- open everything as fast as she could, and enjoy the stuff when all is out in the open. She asked for spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. I have to say I have never made that before. I've made meatballs for sweet and sour before. I have to give credit to the "On Top of Spaghetti" book for giving Elizabeth the idea.
Since the theme Elizabeth picked for her birthday was Rainbows, we had spaghetti (red), peaches (orange), spaghetti noodles (yellow), beans (green), meatballs (brown) and juice (pink). That was as much of the rainbow as I could cram into a single meal. The cupcakes did a better job of getting all the colors.
We invited ourselves over to our friend's house for dessert. We were planning on sharing the cupcakes with them, but they have a bigger driveway for the riding of her BRAND NEW BIKE. (She was so excited!)


Elijah taking Emma's bike for a spin.

This is Elizabeth's favorite gift of the day. The helmet and knee pads were Disney Princess to match the bike.
The dads had to get in on the fun. This is Elijah's scooter. The size did not discourage them in the least.


Bingham Family said...

how fun. love the cupcakes. If my girls saw that they would totally want that for their birthday cake too.

Annie said...

Definitely, it was a fun day.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!