Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Very Hawaiian Birthday

Yesterday we had Emma and Elizabeth's friend birthday party. I decided to combine the girls' parties so there would only be one I had to plan and execute. We went with a Hawaiian theme, since Elizabeth invited Best Buddy Elijah, and I figured another princess party wouldn't suit. We really needed to branch out, and since I had a couple boxes of Hawaiian stuff packed away not being used- problem solved. I did make a visit to the Dollar Tree for a few things, and had fun decorating.
First on the agenda was to make flower leis, made from paper flowers, straw pieces and yarn. Ryan and I spent a couple of hours tracing the my flower template and cutting out all those flowers. As I was nearing being finished, I thought I really need to make friends with someone who has one of those Cricut cutters. Anyone?

Then it was time for a rousing game of Hot Coconut. It is surprisingly similar to Hot Potato, if you are curious. Except you use a coconut and play Don Ho's "Little Grass Shack" song.

Lunch time- keeping with the Hawaiian theme: Hawaiian pizza and fruit kabobs. I'm sure it's very authentic Hawaiian food.....

If you have a chance, you should click on the above picture of Elizabeth for a closer look. She has a super-crazed, excited look over the big box of play-dough. Clearly this was the Best Present Ever. Even now as I write this blog post, she sees that box and is still excited about it even though she played with the play dough for quite a while yesterday afternoon and this morning.


The A Team Mom said...

Looks like a fun party!! Sometimes at craft stores they have die cut machines(for the flowers) and if you purchase paper there they let you use them for free- although I don't know anywhere here that does that- my favorite craft store in Rexburg, ID did. Once I cut out paper dolls with the cutest clothes!

Annie said...

Looks like a wonderful party and love to see their happy faces.