Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drama Queens

Last week Emma and Elizabeth went to Drama Camp, hosted by the local high school drama club.  School is out, so what's the first thing I sign them up to do?  Go back to school for a week. ;)  They sang, danced, did crafts (made their "costumes"), and ran around doing crazy things. 

Friday was their performance- their edition of The Little Mermaid.
 Elizabeth's group (gonna-be 1st graders) got to sing, "Under the Sea."  They made their fish from paper plates, streamers and foam stickers. 
Emma's group were frogs and birds who sang, "Kiss The Girl."

Mr. M, the high school drama teacher, said there were roughly 140 kids.  It was tricky finding the girls amidst the sea of blue shirts and decorated visors.  I used some major zoom on the camera to find them.
I think the twins want to be like their big sisters.

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