Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Tonight Elizabeth started hissing.  But then, it started sounding like hissing gibberish.  I looked at Ryan and he looked at me.  I could see he was thinking the same thing as me- What on earth is she doing?

But then I figured it out.  She was speaking Parseltongue.  (If you aren't familiar with this term- here's a clip on You Tube of Harry Potter speaking the language of snakes.)  It was hysterical!  She had the inflections down, and we haven't seen HP2 in a couple weeks.
What have you done, Emma?  Your love of all things Harry Potter has led to Elizabeth trying to call all the local snakes, and to our 2-year-olds recognising pictures of Harry Potter (aka "Arry Popper") at the store.

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Natalie said...

We have a rule at our house that no one can speak parseltongue