Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Over the mountain, and through the woods....

For Father's Day weekend, we took a trip over the mountains to visit family after Emma and Elizabeth had their Little Mermaid performance on Friday.  We were able to visit my dad that evening before heading to Ryan's parents.
Saturday morning found us at Krispy Kreme's for breakfast with Ryan's parents.  We had a good time pressing sticky finger prints all over the glass surfaces and enjoying the time with Rick and Kim.  In the afternoon I got to escape and get my hair cut and highlighted.  So nice!  And then we took little drive Saturday evening to go a park.

(Beware- picture overload here)
Over-looking the valley.
This little girl didn't particularly like the idea of getting her picture taken. 
So then she started making faces at me.  Nice.  (Isn't that the cutest little naughty face ever?)
Annie was equally excited about the camera.  At least I have Ryan being able to smile on cue.  Sometimes...
Jump!  (Look what a nice husband- smiling for the camera!)
Me, not so much.  I was concentrating on not crashing, or hurting myself.

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Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Lots of lovely photos here,it sucks when you have to travel to see family I am lucky all of my family live within a 10minute drive from each other.................