Monday, June 13, 2011


The other night, we went for a walk after dinner.  We live close enough to the edge of town that we can see horses, goats, a donkey and some chickens at large when we walk.  We stopped to see and talk to the horses, to see if we could coax one close enough to pet.  One horse chose this particular moment to relieve his bladder.  He went, and went, and went, which drew our attention.

One of my verbal children took a good look and then said, "That horse looks like Daddy!"

Ryan got a big grin. 

(Let's just say that Ryan doesn't always lock the bathroom door, and my kids have absolutely no respect for privacy.  If they want to tell you something, they barge right in.)

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Jo-Anne Rambling said...

My children will still just barge in when I am in the bath or on the toilet and my baby is 22yrs old......