Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catchin' Up

I am just going to post a bunch of random pictures, since I have some catching up to do.

Annie and Maddie went through a phase of pretending to be babies.  Here I swaddled them up in blankets, and told them to take a nap.
 Our rooster, surveying his territory.
 Last weekend, Ryan built us a window seat.  (I helped a little too.)  The weather was really nice around lunch time, and we were all outside enjoying the sunshine.  By about 4 pm, it was really cold again, and Ryan hadn't really noticed.  He was trying to drill holes for the screws and shaking too badly to do a good job.  Then he realized that he was shivering.  So he put on the sweatshirt I had brought down for him the hour before.
 Our window seat, so far.  We need to cover up the screws with wood putty, sand, and then paint.  I also have plans to make a cushion and matching pillows.  Once we get that done, Ryan may build me an end table or two for the front room. :)
 Annie and Maddie kidnapped my boots after church.  Annie put them on first and said, "I'm old Mommy."  (Way to make me feel nice there kid.)  I got a picture of Maddie in the boots.
Sisterly love.
Emma's favorite position, using the new denim quilt, and pillows I made.

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Cailean said...

Amazing window seat!! And our oldest reads in that same exact position!