Monday, February 11, 2013

Window Seat

Yesterday after church, I felt the need to get the cushion done for the window seat.  Ryan cut me a piece of plywood, and I got out the roll of memory foam I had picked up at Walmart earlier in the week.  Ryan got me set up with a staple gun, and then left to go home teaching.  I was going to impress him with my craftiness when he got home, supposedly an hour later.

I got the padding hot glued to the board.  I decided that might be easiest to do outside since foam leaves a mess when it gets cut.  Then I hauled it inside, cut my fabric, and tried to staple it to the board.

I could not get those staples into that wood.  I tried pushing really hard, I tried another angle, I tried googling staple gun videos to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Well, I would not be impressing Ryan when he came home.

I tried texting Ryan- what was I doing wrong?  Could he think of anything?

Time passed.  No response.  It's been an hour and more.

"When are you coming home?"

Still nothing.

Now I was pouting.  Seriously?  He was doing this to me when he knew I was working on a project?!?!?!!
(The outside work.  Just me and my mighty glue gun.)

Finally Ryan came home.  Apparently the staples he loaded up where about 3x too long.  No wonder I couldn't get those stupid staples into the wood.
 Cushion done, putty applied and sanded.

Next step, paint.
 And done, with 4 new pillows.  I may have "borrowed" some old pillow forms from the twins for the smaller pillows.
Then I took the left over fabric from the window seat cushion, and made pillows for the couch.


Heidi E said...

That's super cute! I love it!!

Annie and Family said...

WoW! that turned out beautiful!