Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I've been blog tagged.  Since I have done a dismal job blogging so far this year, I might as well use it as something to help me get started again.  So, first off- 11 random facts about me.

*I love to read.  I usually pick up "fluff" to read, over biographies, informational, and self help books.  This is my escape from the craziness that is my life.  It should be fun. :)  I do read those other kinds sometimes.
*I am currently addicted to Pinterest.  So far, the hubby hasn't complained since it has brought some good recipes into our lives.  It is also helping me slowly decorate our new house since I am untalented in that area.
*I hate folding socks.  If someone were to develop disposable socks, I would be all over it.
*I wear socks to bed.
*I like watery herbal tea.  I use the same tea bag about 3 times before I throw it away.
*I run cold.  The rest of my family can be wearing shorts and t-shirts, and I will have a hoodie on.
*I frequently have insomnia.
*I love to bake and cook for fun.  Daily dinners, however, are harder.
*I like to look at pretty dresses and clothes, but wear clothes that are more functional than pretty.
*Once I accidentally stole cheese, felt awful about it, sneaked back into Costco with it in my purse, and paid for it.  I almost didn't go back in, as the then 2-year-old twins were already buckled into their car seats and going anywhere with those two run-aways was a pain.  I argued with myself for almost 5 minutes.  My conscience finally won out.
*I dislike runny fried eggs.  It screams uncooked at me.

Now for the random questions I am supposed to answer.

1.  My pet peeve:  Others not changing the toilet paper roll when it runs out.
2.  My favorite feature about myself:  I have really thick, beautiful hair.
3.  Do you bite, clip or file nails?  Clip.
4.  Do I lie to the dentist about my dental habits?  Sometimes, about the flossing.
5.  If I were an animal, what would I be?  An indoor cat that naps in the sunny spot on the couch.
6.  Favorite movie quote.  "Inconceivable!"  and, "I have such tremblings and flutterings all over.  I have such spasms in my side, pains in my head, and beatings of my heart that I can get no rest either night or day."  (Have I mentioned I love Jane Austen books and movies?)
7.  If I had to eat the same thing for dinner for a week, what would I choose?  Pizza.
8.  Which side of Velcro am I most like?  The soft clingy side.
9.  Favorite childhood cartoon.  She-Ra, Flinstones, Jem and the Holograms.
10. Would I rather have hot cocoa or a smoothie right now?  Hot cocoa.
11.  Do you have a phobia?  Yes, I don't like being in elevators alone.

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