Thursday, February 7, 2013


Annie was on the stairs giving me the evil eye.  I had told her to go to her room for being naughty, and she wasn't having it.

"Annie, are you going to go to your room, or do I have to carry you there?"  (Please don't make me drag you up the stairs....  You are getting so heavy for that.)

She debated this in her head.  Finally she said, "Fine.  I go to my room.  I'm going to get naked.  I'm going to take off my shirt, and my pants, and my underwear, and I'm going to be all naked!"  She looked at me defiantly.

That's the worst you've got?  "Ok, sweetie.  Go ahead."  Whatever floats your boat, so long as you are in your room.

She stomped up to her room.  (But didn't get naked after all.)

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