Tuesday, October 27, 2015

7th and 8th Grade Concert

We got to watch Emma's 7th grade concert tonight.  It was for band, orchestra, and choir.  Emma was 2 for 3.  The boy sitting holding the guitar in the picture below, however, was 3 for 3.  He didn't sing with the choir, but he was accompanying them.  I guess he's really into music.  
 There were a whopping 4 boys in the choir.

Emma got to go back and forth between the band and choir a couple of times.  I guess Mr. K (who conducts band AND choir AND orchestra) wanted to mix things up a bit.
 Both the band and orchestra have improved a lot over the past year.  However, I am still glad Emma is in band and did not choose to play a string instrument.  Although maybe it grates less with only one playing at home.

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