Friday, October 30, 2015

Carving Time

We had a combination of giant pumpkins and regular sized ones this year.  It's fun to have the ability to choose something a little different from the norm.  Tonight was pumpkin carving night.  Ryan really likes to use his tools for carving.  

 Elizabeth's face here cracks me up.

 We saved some of the seeds from our pumpkins to plant next year.

 Emma got to use Dad's power tools.
Ryan thought it would be great fun to take the weed burner and make flames shoot out the pumpkin's face.  This was the first attempt.
 Not very impressive.  So Ryan cut another hole for better air flow inside and tried again.
 Much better.
 It left quite the burn mark, but the kids thought it was hilarious.


 The finished products:
 We are a silly group.

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