Friday, October 9, 2015

Where Is Ryan Today?

Ryan was nominated by his principal to go to a conference on her behalf in New Jersey.  She prefers not to fly, and Ryan couldn't very well say no.  At least, that's how Ryan says it went down.  I would probably phrase it like that too, when offered an all expenses paid trip to Princeton.  (Shucks honey, yah, I have to go....)  Unfortunately, there are no conferences stay-at-home-moms get to go to.  I get to stay home and hold down the fort.  Again.  While Ryan sends me the following pictures over the course of four days.


 Ryan said these made him think of Hogwarts.

Ryan decided that instead of staying in another night and watching the others from our district enjoying the bars, Wednesday after his conference was done he went on a train ride to NYC with a couple of others from his group.

 I'm afraid I went through the motions of being happy for him, that he was getting to have this adventure, but that was very far from the truth.  I was in a snit and was feeling very sorry for myself.  Once again, Ryan is experiencing new places and adventures, and I was stuck at home.  Again.  Watching his progress through NYC on the Find My Friends app.  And thinking my life is the most boring, uninteresting, dull, tiresome life on the face of the earth.  (You know, not dramatic at all.)
Ryan flew in and out of Philadelphia, and before heading home they checked out some of what Philly has to offer.  He got to see the Liberty Bell and the Liberty Hall museum.  And by that time I was barely responsive, with terse one word responses to his pictures.

But Ryan made it home, after the kids were in bed and asleep.  And I could claim being tired for not being chatty.

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