Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting Ready For Bed

Tonight as we were tucking in the twins, we said prayers and we were going over our "Favorite and Least Favorite" portions of our day.  Out of the blue, Maddie begged her dad to make "tooting noises with your arm pit."  It was rather an odd request as we were pulling blankets over them and settling them in for the night.  But, Ryan obliged.  The noises and giggles brought in the other two girls to watch the fun.  

Annie wanted and tried to make similar noises with her own hand and arm pit, but was unsuccessful.  She wanted her dad to teach her how.  Ryan got a glint in his eye, put his hand in Annie's arm pit, and told Annie to flap her arm.  Strangely enough, tooting noises emerged, but not from Annie's arm pit.  

A foul smell followed.

Maddie gagged.  She still gags when she sees or smells something gross.  This made the rest of the family laugh even more, while covering our noses.  Not at all deterred, Maddie demanded that she get to try Daddy's trick next.

Can you believe Ryan was able to oblige?

Boys.  Seriously.

Later, as I was tucking Elizabeth into bed, I noticed she had hung up her skirt yesterday when I pulled it from the washer and told her to hang it up in her room to dry.  But she did not use a traditional method.

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