Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween

Halloween found us ready for candy.  It was nice to have Halloween on Saturday because we didn't have to do that rush after school to get ready for the trunk or treat.
Here we are- a family picture!
Even Captain America needs a shoulder angel.
 Elizabeth was a butterfly.  She really wanted her face painted fancy, but it meant no glasses so people could see it.
 Annie was a cat, with painted fingernails.
 Maddie was a Studio C Shoulder Angel.
Emma was Ann Withers, or "NNNN" as she is more commonly known.  Emma carried around a bag of books to try to work into conversation to be true to her character.  We bought her costume at the Goodwill.

Captain America started off the Trunk or Treat with a prayer.
 Chili dogs for dinner.
 Me and Annie being silly at the photo booth.  There are always huge crowds at our Trunk or Treat.  The carnival was cram packed!

 But we got some good candy.  Ryan handed out our candy, and I took the twins around the parking lot.  Emma and Elizabeth took off on their own.

Happy Halloween!

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