Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Puke-y Birthday

Annie and Maddie's birthday started quite a bit earlier than we anticipated.  We all awoke to the sound of Annie puking in her blankets on the floor.  That is one of the worst sounds ever to wake up to.  It's already happening, and you can't get there fast enough.  Thankfully, Annie missed Maddie's hair, but the damage was done.  We whisked her to the bathroom, where she puked more and more.  We got her washed and changed, but then it got worse.  Both ends started.  And all Annie had to do was breathe wrong and we went through another change of underwear.  I took a trip to Wenatchee's Walmart at 6:30 am to buy a package of underwear, a clearance Halloween bucket, and a towel for the ride home.  I went in my pjs and no make up, because that's how I was feeling.  We'd been up for hours, and I had a long ride home in the car with a doubly sick child to look forward to.  Yay.

At least Annie was able to fall asleep again for a little while.  
 Ryan headed off bleary-eyed to the last day of his conference, and as soon as I thought Annie was as done as she was going to be, we headed home.  2.5 hours in the car, plus two stops for puking and clothing changes.  It was a memorable trip home.  I left a bag of barf in a garbage can along the side of the road somewhere.  I did, however, have to bring some poopy pants home.  The towel I bought at Walmart to put under Annie was a good idea, but had to be replaced after one of the stops.  The only thing I could come up with was Emma's coat to protect Annie's car seat.  Emma was NOT happy with me.  She had to empty her pockets, which I'm pretty sure she was treating like Hermione's undetectable extension spell bag.  Sheesh.

But eventually the road trip from you-know-where was done, and it was time to do laundry and bathe Annie again.  We were all tired, and I thought it would be a good time to open one of the presents for Annie and Maddie even if Daddy wasn't home yet.

 Movie time!

Annie and Maddie had chosen to have ravioli for dinner ahead of time, so we went ahead with that for dinner.  Annie was a little sad she wasn't getting any.  No one wants saltine crackers and apple juice for their birthday dinner.
 Finally Dad got home, having caught a ride home with his principal.  And it was present time again.

Maddie talking on the phone.

 Cake time.  I wasn't feeling very inspired in my cake decorating.
We didn't let Annie blow out candles on her cake because no one else wanted her spit and germs on their piece of cake.  So she got one candle of her own to blow out.  She wished to not be sick on her next birthday.  Me too, kiddo.  Me too.

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