Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Double Drop Special

Our dinner last night has a story. We realized that it was 5 pm, and I hadn't given any thought as to what to fix for dinner. Ryan suggested picking up a quick pizza at Little Caesars Pizza and I said sure. We have had a Little Caesars in town for probably a year, but we've yet to try it. They are supposed to be very fast. So Ryan toodles down to pick up dinner while I continue with the various projects we've been working on. (By the way, the twins room is painted now, and the old loose outlets replaced!) 40 minutes later, Ryan gives me a call and says he's on his way home. They had a little problem with our order. When he gets home, he tells me the story.
Once upon a time, a knight in shining armor attempts to rescue the damsel in distress by getting food for her vocal, short and cute captors. These small captors tend to be appeased by pizza on Friday nights. The knight rides his gallant minivan steed down to the local pizza joint and makes an order for a single large pizza. When the pizza is finished, it is boxed and begins its triumphant journey to the front counter. Alas, on its way, the box is dropped on its side and the pizza spills out onto the floor, leaving an unforgiving mess. The manager is very apologetic, offers cheesy breadsticks as a free side item for making the knight wait. Another pizza is quickly made, cooked and boxed. Again, on its way up to the front counter, the pizza box and the breadstick box are both dropped on the floor. The poor peasant girl in charge of the pizza's grand journey to the knight is profoundly embarrassed and on the verge of tears. The knight is merely amused, realizing that he actually has the easy job. The damsel in distress at home with the hungry munchkin captors is the one to really feel sorry for. So, another pizza and cheesy breadsticks are made, while the manager again apologizes for the inconvenience, and offers a pepperoni pizza in addition to the other side item. The knight knows the damsel in distress well, and knows her pregnancy distaste for pepperoni and refuses the kind gesture. So, a compromise is reached and the knight is given an 8 piece crazy bread with dipping sauce instead. The three items eventually make it to the front counter whole and complete, and the knight races home for a rather later dinner than expected.

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Tasha said...

That was a great story! I wonder if the girl that kept on dropping the items was new and really nervous or something?