Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm sure many of you have read the "Twilight" series. I have, but no one else in my family has. Nevertheless, we must be interested in vampires. Check out our teeth!
Elizabeth's set glowed in the dark, too!
OooooOOOoooh. My scary, blood thirsty family. Uncle Michael (Ryan's brother) also tried on the vampire teeth, but I didn't get a picture.
(Go Team Edward!)


Tasha said...

I just found out Nichole has been reading these! So have a lot of the ladies over here. Would you recommend them?

Natalie said...

I totally appreciate this post. Thank you for loving these books as much as me. It's so fun. So.. anyone up for being a vampire for Halloween? Maybe we can be the entire Cullens family :)

Natalie said...

Also, in the last picture, Emma looks like a supermodel with that big smile!

The Yost family said...

I love these pics!