Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Growing Up

Elizabeth is at such a fun age. She is expressing herself so much (and so often! and so loudly!). She must have my genes, as she is making up words. The latest and most interesting is the word, "Dingle-ish." (My apologies, I am unsure of how to spell it.) It is an adjective and I'm not entirely sure of the definition. Perhaps something along the lines of "funny." Used in a sentence: "That's so dingle-ish."
Elizabeth has discovered that saying "I have to go potty" lets her out of her room during nap/quiet time. Yesterday after about a half hour in her room, Elizabeth came to the door with that phrase, and of course I have to let her out. As she comes out of her room, she informs me that naps are for babies. And then she says, "I not take naps anymore." As she is sitting on the toilet (yes, she really did have to go, a little...) I tell her that her cousin Megan (who is the same age she is) still takes naps. In fact, naps help us grow big and strong. She thought about it for a little while. When she came out to the living room, she told Mommy and Daddy, "I already big and strong. I don't need naps." Oh brother.

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