Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things I Won't Take For Granted Again

1. Bending over and not grunting from the effort.
2. Breathing
3. Cutting my toenails without the big belly in the way.
4. Eating in the evening without heartburn.
5. Enjoying chocolate, french fries and other not-good-for-you goodies (sounds repulsive now).
6. Not needing protein every 2-3 hours.
7. Sleeping on my stomach.
8. Trying to sleep and actually finding a comfortable position.
9. Sleeping period.
10. Not having to cut my nails every week.
11. Holding my kids without them being kicked by the twins inside.
12. Hugging my husband without the bump in the middle.
13. Jeans with a button and a zipper.
14. Having personal space.
15. No more bi-monthly doctors visits.
16. Normal pulse.
17. Being able to buy clothes that will fit me in a month.
18. Not having my suddenly too small bladder kicked.
19. Having energy.
20. Being able to take Advil.

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