Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mom in the Hat

Sometimes it feels like my brain is turning to mush.  Talking all day in terms a 2-year-old will understand makes my once college-level vocabulary slowly, slowly disappear.  I did go to college, people.  But you'd never guess it, when the only things out of my mouth these days goes like this:  "Did you hear a train?  Choo choo!  Choo choo!  Was the train loud?  Did you hear it with your ears?"

To keep the synapses from going away, every once in a great while I try to challenge myself.  It might be reading something by Charles Dickens; it might be to learn a new skill.  Since I haven't learned something new in who knows how long, I bought myself a couple of crochet hooks, some yarn and went looking for a pattern that specified its level as "easy."

I found something at this Etsy store that seemed to fit the bill.  I settled in with my instructions, the computer (for crochet lessons courtesy of You Tube) and away I went.

This is my 2nd attempt:

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Grandma Deal said...

This hat is exceptionally well made. It took ages for me to get to this point. Good Job.