Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Impromptu Rules

Honestly, I think I make up new rules every day.  I've been at this parenting thing almost 8 years.  You would think that we've covered them all by now, but every once in a while the kids surprise me with new and creative ways to test their limits.

Here are some of the recent ones:

1.  You must have at least your underwear on to color at the table.

2.  Don't stick paper in the toaster.

3.  Dirty flatware goes on the counter or in the dishwasher, not back in the drawer.

4.  Don't pick your sister's nose.

5.  Bums belong on the seat of the chair, not on the back of the chair.

6.  Don't pee by the house.  We have a toilet- use it.

7.  For the 7.6 millionth time- food belongs AT THE TABLE.  This should not be a surprise.

8.  Your shirt sleeve is not a napkin.

9.  Don't bite your toe nails.

10.  When you use the toilet- FLUSH.

11.  Don't stand at the window naked.

12.  Don't color on your sister's picture.

13.  Tortillas are a food, not a frisbee.

I did another post about this a couple years ago, which you can  read about here.  Boy, are the kids creative.

If I'm not careful, the list of rules will be longer than Obama's health care bill.  :)

What are some rules you've had to make up on the fly to combat your kids' creativity?

1 comment:

Bingham Family said...

Scissors are for PAPER ONLY.

Don't glue stuff to my table.

Toys don't dance on the piano keys.

Don't jump on blanket tents when they are occupied.