Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

Every 6 months comes so fast.  Sometimes I can't believe I pay someone to poke at my teeth and gums with sharp metal objects.  I mean, really?  Isn't that kind of against what common sense tells you?  "Sure, to keep my teeth clean and healthy, I should scratch my teeth with a small version of a screw driver."  Hm.

And then there's the part of the trip to the dentist where I feel like an errant child: 

"I see you have some plaque build-up on that hard to reach place in the back of your mouth."  (No kidding.)

"Are you flossing every day?"  (Um, no.  Not every day.  Have I ever mentioned I don't really like flossing?)

"When you floss, do you floss behind the last molars?"  (Something else to try to remember.  Lovely.)  "You need to disturb that lip of your gums back there to keep build up from occurring." (Ew.)

"If you hold the tooth brush like this...  See?  Then you can get those areas clean."  (Thank you.  I always appreciate feeling like a stupid kid being taught something the adult thinks is beyond simple.)

So, enough of that.

Today I took Annie and Maddie for their first foray into the dentist office.  We arrived a little before our appointment (Go us!), and I was handed two sets of paperwork to fill out.  Annie and Maddie proceeded to rearrange and rip magazines make themselves at home in the waiting room, while I filled out birth dates, parents names, allergies, insurance information, etc. etc. etc. TWICE.   Love love love paperwork, while the Crazies run free.

Paperwork done, and we try not to destroy wait patiently in the waiting room.  Annie comes up to me, and starts patting her bum and saying, "Tinky."  (This is Toddler for "stinky" or "change my diaper NOW.")  Of course she needs a change now.

I told the nice ladies at the check-in counter that we had some business to attend to and would be back in a couple moments.  We all trudged out to the minivan. 

Two minutes later, we came back.  Minus the stench and coats. 

Once we were called back, Maddie, who is usually the most amiable twin, adamantly refused to open her mouth.  Annie, on the other hand, opened her mouth just fine, but would not close again and show Dr. Martin her bite.

But hey, I got a picture to commemorate another Big First in their life.

You can tell how excited they were about getting their teeth checked. 

It's great when your dentist is a friend of the family- he'll pose with your squirmy progeny for a picture. :)

Annie and Maddie were happier outside the building.  They posed with their stickers and new bracelets.  All kids are allowed to pick a small toy at the end of the visit.  

*Oh, and for the record, I was cavity-free at my last check-up. :)


Michael and Blair Kannely said...

congrats on being cavity free!They should let you pick out a toy for having such nice teeth! :)

Megan said...

Sounds like it went great, except for the guilt trip. I hate that part about going to the dentist too. And yay for being cavity-free!

I totally need to make an appt. for Aidan and Owen to see the dentist. Thanks for the reminder! ;-)