Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Car Wash

A Play in One Act

Twin 1
Twin 2

Scene 1
(Curtain opens to Mom washing minivan.  Enter Twin 1 and Twin 2.)
Twin 1: I help?
Mom: Sure.  Go grab a wash cloth.

(Exit Twin 1 and Twin 2.  After a minute, they return with two wash cloths from the kitchen.)

Mom: Ok, just put your wash cloth in the water, and wash the car.  Like this.
Twin 2: Wash, wash.
Twin 1: I help!  No. me do it.  No, ME!
Mom: Everyone can help mommy.

(Mom washes back of minivan.  Twin 1 and 2 wash the driveway and get lots of dirt and rocks in the bucket of soapy water.)

Mom: Wow, this water got dirty fast.  Oh.  Oh!  We don't wash the rocks. 

(Mom dumps out bucket of water and refills with fresh soap and water.  Leaves dish soap on the porch.)

Mom:  Come on, let's wash the car.  Only the car.
Twin 1:  Wash, wash.
Twin 2:  (Grabs Twin 1's wash cloth)  Mine!
Twin 1:  MINE!  (Takes wash cloth back)
Mom:  (Finds other wash cloth in bottom of the bucket)  Here's the other wash cloth.  Now we can all wash the car.

(Twins 1 and 2 play in bucket of water.  Bucket spills.  Mom refills bucket for the 3rd time.)

Mom:  Come on girls!  Wash the car!

(Twins grab dish soap from porch when Mom's back is turned and squeeze it into the bucket of water.)

Mom:  Whoa!  Ok, girls that is enough soap!  (Grabs soap)  Help me wash the car!

(Twins 1 and 2 ignore Mom.  Twin 2 washes Twin 1.)

 Mom:  (sighs)  Good thing I'm done now.  Bath time!  Into the house NOW.  (Mom, Twin 1 and Twin 2 exit)

End of Scene


Tasha said...

Wow, what an adventure!! I hope the dirt and rocks didn't cause damage.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Oh my this brought back a memory well sort of I do not really remember it but have been told often enough about how when I was around 4yrs old asking my dad if I could wash his car when he was asleep and him mumbling yes so I go out to wash the car with a rough old shammy and when he saw what I did he got upset and all I could do was cry and say he said I could.......lol