Friday, May 27, 2011

The Dress Question

For the last 3 weeks, the twins have worn nothing but dresses.  At first I thought this a cute passing folly.  Then I thought it was due to my choice of wording in the morning- "Time to get dressed!"  Now I'm just blaming the Disney princess movies.

3 weeks.  3 WEEKS!  We started borrowing Elizabeth's dresses (which she didn't care for), so I put a plea out on Facebook for any hand-me-downs that someone might have laying around their house.  Two people responded, so I don't have to re-use the same 5 dresses.  (Some dresses are strictly Sunday dresses and not for playing outside.)

This is entirely out of control.  Annie and Maddie have even been insisting on "dresses" for bed.  Since we only have two nighties in the right size, I've been letting the twins (and the other 2 sometimes as well) use my old t-shirts for bed.  So my old girls camp, WWU, Old Navy flag tee from 2001, Kannely family reunion t-shirts, etc. are all getting used.

Silly girls. :)


Heidi E said...

That is super cute! :)

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I think it is great they want to wear dresses and hope it continues as they grow up as I think to many girls now days never wear dresses and are always in pants not that there is anything wrong with pants and jeans but I like wearing dresses and skirts and think we look better in them.