Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She's Had A Birthday, Shout Hooray

Saturday was a very busy day.  Ryan had his plant sale until 12:30.  Then I had a couple of errands to run, a baptism to take Emma to (3 of her friends got baptized) at 2 pm, and by 3:10 we were on the road headed to my niece's birthday party.  We arrived a little after 4:30.  We missed most of the day, but at least we made it for dinner. :)
 Megan, Amy, Elizabeth and Annie enjoying their hot dogs.
Princess Amy (the birthday girl) with Aunt Brynne.
 At about 7 o'clock, we told the girls it was time to get ready to go.  In an effort to distract us from our purpose, the kids started a somersault contest.  Kids are amazing coming up with delay tactics, aren't they?  They weren't in a hurry to leave their grandparents, cousins and aunts.
As you can tell, some of the adults got in on the action too.


Megan said...

Cute! And I'm pretty sure I'd need physical therapy if I even attempted a somersault. Oof.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Enjoy the fact that they are at an age where they want to see other family members, my girls all went through a stage when they didn't want to see the family and thankfully 2 of them now love seeing their family again.