Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fabled Day of Rest

The day started with me waking up to a sinus headache.  Oh yah, it's going to be a great day.

A little Sudafed and ibuprofen later, we were off to church.  The children were their usual delightful, calm selves.  Emma kept passing the 16 month old little boy in front of us all of our doodle pads/crayon and paper/baby books/her bracelet.  Elizabeth needed to go to the drinking fountain.  Annie wanted what anyone else had.  Maddie tried to escape under the pew.  Maddie tried to stuff as many fruit snacks in her mouth as her hand could hold.  Annie wanted to sing when there was no one else singing.  Elizabeth tried to eat the twins' snacks.

Finally sacrament meeting was over.  Off to Primary!

I walked into the Primary room, and once again, we had 5 chairs for our class.  (Seriously?  The fewest kids I've ever had in this class is 7.)  Those chairs were already full of kids and there were two wandering aimlessly.  So I scooted row 1 back and put in another row of chairs.  There are now ten 4 and 5 year olds plus me (the teacher) and my helper.  We take over half the Primary room. 

Let's just say the last two hours of church is more exhausting than the first one.  I failed at keeping my class quiet during sharing and singing time, and on that happy note- it's time for class.  I am at my wits end trying to keep their attention for any length of time.  And I have an 56 minutes to fill.

The good news is the twins took their nap today. 

The bad news is one of the screws fell out in Elizabeth's glasses.

Ryan tried for a long time to put it back.  (You practically need a microscope to see the screw on this particular pair of glasses, and the hole for the two pieces doesn't line up exactly.)  I convinced Ryan that we should seek professional help.  I called the places in town and no one is open on Sundays.  I called the place where we bought the glasses and they too are not open on Sundays.  Finally, I called Costco.  They will be open another 45 minutes.  I told them where we live, and how we'd hurry.

Ryan and Elizabeth jumped in the van and arrived with 4 minutes to spare.  The card-checker at the door started to turn Ryan away, but Ryan said how they just needed to see the optical department really fast.  "Oh, you are that one from --.  They are expecting you."

Those nice people at Costco took the time to fix Elizabeth's glasses ("Oh, you could have tried for two days to put the screw back.  The screws that come with the glasses are never long enough to put back in.").  They also gave Ryan a couple of longer screws to have, should this incident ever repeat itself.

It's nice to know that Customer Service isn't dead after all.  Thank you Costco!

The rest of the evening brought rice dumped on the carpet, most of the household books dumped on the floor, quarreling, and a little hair pulling.

I don't think I'm ready for another week yet.

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