Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday Harbor

Friday we met up with my dad and family, and we took a ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor. 
This was the girls' first ferry ride.  It wasn't much of a morning for viewing the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, but we still spent part of the ride outside in the fog.
I made use of the $80 ferry ride, and grabbed a free map of the island.  Our first stop was English Camp, from the time of the Pig War.  (Google it- this was a real thing...)  English camp is on the northern part of the island.
We enjoyed the beach with all of the shells.  We brought home a bag full of them.
We had a picnic lunch at Roche Harbor.  Afterwards we drove around the island and down to the American Camp.
We hiked down to Grandma's Cove to play at the beach and check out the tide pools.

Ice cream at Friday Harbor.
Maddie said this was her "Beeg Boat."
The ferry that was to take us back was an hour late.  We had lots of time in the car.  The kids showed us how to make Capri Suns "fancy"- stick your pinkie up.
At least the fog was gone on the ride home.  The sunset was beautiful.


Natalie said...

I LOVE Friday Harbor. I remember going there when I was about 10. It was so beautiful and fun. Glad you guys had a great time.

Tasha said...

I love the San Juans!!! What a fun trip. I can't wait to be back in WA.