Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Must Look Like A Criminal

This morning I took all my four girls grocery shopping with me, while Ryan was fulfilling his Ag Teacher responsibilities (shearing sheep for an upcoming fair).  Grocery shopping with kids without Ryan's back-up has never been something to fill me with excitement.  The thought fills me with something more akin to dread.  But we cannot live without cereal, or crackers, or chocolate chips, so we braved Walmart.

The kids did quite well.  Elizabeth and the twins sat IN the cart, stacking the groceries on top of themselves and squabbling about who got to hold what.  But not too noisily, so I was happy enough.

We got to the checkout line, and I tried to pick the shortest line.  Unfortunately, the lady in front of me had two price checks, and bought printer ink.  (The printer ink is in these hard plastic containers that the checkers have to go somewhere else to open.)  Needless to say, I started not caring when the kids started playing with the toys in the check-out line.

Twenty minutes later, our groceries were paid for and bagged, and I made a bee-line for the door.  That's when the Walmart greeter guy stepped out and asked to see my receipt.  I looked at him and said, "No, you may not."

He repeated himself.  "I need to see your receipt."  And he started to grab the receipt out of Emma's hands. 

So, as I am younger and faster (and closer in proximity to my daughter), I grabbed the receipt myself and walked out.

Ryan asked later if the guy had tried to stop me after that.  I can't honestly say.  I didn't look back.

I guess the Walmart employees think that if you walk into their store, they can treat you like a criminal without cause.  Or they are profiling.  You know, those stay-at-home moms are a dangerous group.

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Tasha said...

Oh I would be annoyed with that person. I mean c'mon! I'm sorry. I found it tough just shopping with my two, especially with Eve in a car seat, I couldn't see what Dev was up to. He had managed to open a box of easy-mac open and dumped it out in the cart. Fun times!