Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Health Class

Ryan and Mr. E got put in charge of making little videos to show students about some of the school rules at the high school.  They wanted to cover No Headphones, No Food or Drink, and Use a Hall Pass During Class.  Somehow the girls and I were volunteered as the actresses for these videos.

The high school is undergoing a remodel, and only some of the classrooms looks ready for occupation.  Yes, we have a week until school begins.  Students, as of yesterday, are not allowed inside any of the buildings, but staff are.  (Huh?)

One of the classrooms that actually look like a classroom is for Health class.  So this was the room picked for the Headphone Rule video.  All 4 girls were sitting quietly in their desks reading textbooks from the classroom or a very thick Harry Potter 7 book, when the camera pans to me (with headphones on), clearly rocking out and reading a 1st grade level Barbie book.

After 3 takes, I turned around to put kids' the textbooks away.  Elizabeth had her book open to the reproduction chapter, and was apparently examining the pictures of male anatomy.

Great choice for textbooks, Ryan.

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Bingham Family said...

Aaahhhhh! I mean, Oh my! Well, I guess they have to learn some time?