Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Ok, this post is pretty much me bragging.  You've been warned.

Ryan and I went on a date last night.  We drove with another couple to a city an hour away, ate dinner at Panda Express with 2 more couples and then saw Breaking Dawn part 1 in the movie theater.  Yep, we were 2 out of the zillion people going to the movies last night.  The grocery store parking lot across the street from the theater was full.

We got to bypass the long lines of people waiting outside the theater in the bitter cold, and past the people in their tents who are clearly waaaay more enthusiastic about the Twilight series than I am.  We were given green Special Engagement wristbands and walked in for a 7:45 pm showing before the movie was officially released at midnight.

Neener neener.  I am way cool.

Actually, I'm not that cool.  But we do have connections.  :)  So does our Bishop and his wife, and about 5 other couples from church aside from the 3 couples we came with.  There were practically enough there for a ward activity....  And then a bunch of other people I didn't know.

The movie was pretty good.  There were a few cringe-worthy moments, but perhaps not as many as other Twilight movies.  The sparkly vampire thing was kept to a minimum.

I could tell Ryan really enjoyed the movie because he kept saying things like, "Really," "You'd better not complain the next time I choose a movie, " and, "I can do that" anytime powers of super-human strength or speed were displayed on the screen.  He also joked around with other husbands about taking blackmail photos of them there at the movie.  Sheesh.  Secretly, though, I KNOW he loved it and was just afraid to admit it.

On another note, I found this picture on Pinterest.  Ryan thought it would make an awesome t-shirt to wear to the Breaking Dawn premier, but I never got around to making it:


Michael and Blair Kannely said...

HAHA! I love the picture! HIlarious!

Natalie said...

Makes me laugh out loud. I love the part in Harry Potter when Hagrid says, "we'll everyone says Hufflepuff is a bunch of duffers"