Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who-ville Pancakes

The other day I got a call.  Would we mind dressing up like "Who girls and boy" and being video taped setting our table for Christmas dinner?  In other words, would we mind looking absolutely ridiculous for the sake of our ward Christmas party a month away?  This would be one part of the new Grinch movie someone was putting together for the ward Christmas party.  We were left to our own devices to make ourselves look like "Who's" and what to put on our Christmas table.  So we found the nice place settings, fancy glasses, candlesticks and tablecloth, and made our hair look kind of crazy and made our 4 minute movie clip.

Once that was all done, we had a very nice looking table and it was dinner time.  Rather than put it all away, we got out a bottle of Martinelli's cider to fancy-up our hum-drum pumpkin pancake dinner.
I am curious to see how this Grinch movie turns out. 

1 comment:

Natalie said...

That is a fun idea. Sad there are no "Who" pictures of you dressed up and crazy who hair! :)