Sunday, November 6, 2011

Twins Turn Three!

Last week we celebrated 3 years since Annie and Maddie joined our family. 

On Thursday, after we took Emma and Elizabeth to school, we had a full day.  We painted finger and toe nails.  We watched a Tinkerbell movie.  We read books and sang songs.  And most importantly, they helped me make (healthy) pumpkin cupcakes.   

Emma and Elizabeth insisted that Annie and Maddie wanted Chinese food for dinner, so we made dinner-time entertainment for others at a local Chinese place.  (Annie sat by dad and Maddie by mom, then switch, then switch again, Annie had to go potty twice, spilled water, twins stood on chairs, kids wanted more food, musical chairs again...)
When we got back Annie and Maddie opened their gifts and we sang Happy Birthday to them.
Happy birthday girls!  I love you so much.

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Tasha said...

Happy Birthday Annie and Maddie! I was just wondering (today) when they were turning 3. Time is going so fast!