Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This year we did something a little different.  The first Kannely grandson was due the day after Thanksgiving, and when he was ready to make his appearance, Ryan's mom said she was headed to see him (and his parents too obviously).  This would make for a tricky holiday dinner if she wasn't there to make and host it, not knowing when exactly Baby would come.  So, we offered to host this year.  
This was our snack lunch at noon, since the big meal was served at 2:30.
Coloring time
Rick and Kim brought a banquet table with them, so we pushed the two tables together for a giant square-ish table.  Even so, it was a little squishy with 14 people crammed in.  It was good 6 of them were on the smaller side.
(Megan and Elizabeth finishing off the cranberry sauce)
The weekend before Thanksgiving, I was watching America's Test Kitchen on PBS and the whole show was dedicated to traditional Thanksgiving dishes.  One of the tips was to cook the turkey upside down for the first two hours, to keep the breast meat from going dry.  So, we tried it.  Flipping a giant, hot bird isn't as easy as it sounds (and it doesn't sound all that easy), but the results were great.
Here's the result of one of the projects the kids (and some adults) did- some very colorful hand turkeys!

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