Monday, December 19, 2011

Car Trouble

Several weeks ago I left the twins unattended in the car while I unloaded groceries.  I had unbuckled their seat belts, but instead of calmly exiting the vehicle, they ran giggling away from me.  I figured I had the keys- how much trouble could they get into?

Well, I found out.  Our little change drawer in the car was empty, and the next time I wanted to play a CD I couldn't get the CD player to keep the disc in.  Apparently Annie and Maddie are predisposed to become slot machine fiends. 

Ryan took the dash of the van apart was able to shake out about 13 cents.  Unfortunately he couldn't get all the change out, and the damage had been done.  Our radio worked, but we lost the next CD I put in.

I won a $100 VISA gift card a couple of months ago, and I've been thinking it would be nice to have a CD player that works.  So tonight we went for a drive to go find ourselves a new one.  And about halfway there, one of our headlights died.

10 miles later, flashing lights signaled our need to pull over. 

We got a friendly warning that we needed to fix that headlight.  Ryan apparently didn't have any warrants out for his arrest, and our vehicle hasn't been reported as stolen, so we were free to go again.  (I assume that's what they are checking.)

We picked out a new car stereo, ate dinner, ran by Costco and started home.  And the flashing lights greeted us again.  We were laughing when the state patrolman came up to Ryan's window.  He wanted us to know that our headlight was out, and we told him that he wasn't the first to tell us.  And he let us go without running Ryan's license information.

The kids were placing bets on if Daddy would get pulled over a 3rd time tonight.  We were going to sing Jingle Bells to the next guy.  They were really excited about it.  They told Ryan to drive faster so he could get pulled over so they could sing to the policeman.  Ryan considered driving around town until he did get pulled over.

They didn't get the chance to sing. 

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Bridget said...

Ha ha ha. 3 times in one day would certainly be a lot.

My boys put change in my cd player, too. Our mechanic took it apart and got about 56 cents out. And it only cost us $250 to correct the problem. Rotten kids. Luckily it hasn't happened again...probably because my kids would take the money instead of wasting it in the CD player.