Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Austen

Today is Miss Jane Austen's 236th birthday celebration.  To celebrate, I wanted to share a link with you.  Several "Austen-esque" authors collaborated to write a story of how all Miss Austen's heroes, and a couple of the "villains," got together to discuss what to get their esteemed author for her birthday. 

Jane Started It- A hero's guide to gift giving

I found it laugh out loud funny, but perhaps you need to be familiar with all of Miss Austen's works (and maybe a few of the "sequels") to really appreciate it. 

Happy Birthday Jane.  Thank you for giving us your wonderful stories, and your wit and wisdom.  I have spent many a happy hour lost in your written world.

Then there is the matter of your movie adaptations.  Thank you for this:

 And this:
 And this one too:
(I don't own this one.  Maybe someday. --added later-- I won this movie from one of the giveaways.  It arrived yesterday and I watched it today. 1-4-2012  yay!)

I think I will celebrate by watching one of these movies this afternoon instead of doing something productive.

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